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Appearance changes liquid sky to divide the section can transform project go int
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Construction site is in hoisting picket column. Wang Ming is photographed

On September 12 morning, infiltrate column of picket of a root as hydraulic pressure monkey engine underground, appearance changes sky of dynamical center liquid to divide the section can transform a project to begin spot construction. The liquid sky that this investment is as high as 80 million yuan is articulatory can transform a project, it is appearance changes company emphasis to build a project. In the meantime, save energy-saving project as Jiangsu, change via province hair appoint recommend report national hair to change appoint, acquired state enterprise the support of fund of energy-saving finance award and national finance allowance. Newly-built liquid sky divides device to use home is the at present most advanced the mature flow of the 6th generation, have the moving on the safe side, time that start recovery rate of short, oxygen tall, specific power consumption is low characteristic. Liquid sky is articulatory can transform carry out after finishing, the production that makes appearance turns nitrogen product only waste time reduces 30% above.

Project technology personnel is being measured. Wang Ming is photographed

Pile spot. Wang Ming is photographed