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Implementation of dry hermetic seal of Daqing petrifaction compressor is homebre
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On September 24, in Daqing petrifaction company 1.2 million tons / year hydrogenation cracking device understands, those who pass a week time move, just finish homebred change transformed circular hydrogen compressor to do hermetic seal to run condition to achieve expect an end, this shows this factory dry gas is sealed and homebred not only change transform consummation, and the mark is worn fill our country is in the blank of this domain.

As we have learned, dry hermetic seal has service life long, power uses up medium of small, craft to wait for an advantage without leak, had been in at present high speed is centrifugal compressor axis zips get be used extensively, but product almost by abroad Foss forestall of place of company of Crane of writing of company peace treaty, the domestic application in this domain is blank almost.

Daqing petrifaction refinery 1.2 million tons / year the dry gas of compressor of K-3102 loop hydrogen of hydrogenation cracking device is sealed, use Foss namely the product of high-pressured dry hermetic seal of the company, in use process, existence imports spare parts date of delivery long, price is advanced problem, and producing device only an equipment, dawn of thick front cover produces accident breakdown, easy occurrence aircrew does not have the place of sealed spare parts, will immediate impact moves to the safety that produces device.

To change this kind of current situation, daqing petrifaction refinery to home the entrance of device of hydrogenation of enterprise of each big oil refining does hermetic seal to used a state to undertake extensive and meticulous survey, on the foundation that mastered each aircrew to do hermetic seal to run parameter, a sealed limited company develops personnel of plant engineering technology and Chengdu jointly development dry gas is sealed, form plan of more mature technology of dry hermetic seal. During device is overhauled this year, this factory is opposite 1.2 million tons / year dry hermetic seal of compressor of hydrogen of loop of K-3102 of hydrogenation cracking device undertook homebred change transform.

Cast before using, daqing petrifaction refinery undertakes perfecting ceaselessly to overhauling regulations and operating rules, strengthen the spot to safeguard, of aggrandizement operating rules groom the job, and with this manufacturer clasp, desiccate hermetic seal is achieved cast with the condition. On September 16, hydrogenation cracking device overhauls start working to succeed.

The successful research and development of this project, grew periodic safe production to provide reliable safeguard for device not only, and the situation that resolved high pressure to do hermetic seal to count an import for a long time thoroughly.