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Percent of pass of quality of scroll bearing objective 94.6%
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Near future of total bureau of national qualitative check organized quality of pair of scroll bearing product to undertake the country is supervised selective examination. Selectived examination in all 60 kinds of products that 60 enterprises produce 8 province, municipalities directly under the Central Government of Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Shandong (do not involve exit product) , sampling percent of pass of product objective quality is 94.6% .

Selective examination this basis GB/T307.2-2005 " the principle that scroll bearing is measured and detects and method " , GB/T307.3-2005 " scroll bearing is general technical condition " national level and the requirement that relevant product standard sets, magnetism of precision of organization of burn of surface of fat of dependability, dustproof to the life of scroll bearing product, leakage, temperature rise, job, metallographic, hardness, dimension, windage, oscillatory, incomplete and product indicate waited for 12 projects to undertake examining. Via examining, the individual event such as metallographic organization, hardness, windage, vibration is accorded with rate all achieve 100% .

The discovery in selectiving examination, index of individual product function is unqualified. The deep trench ball bearing that takes sealing ring should assess his according to the standard fat of temperature rise, leakage, dustproof 3 function experiment, the purpose is to assure sealed scroll bearing the lubricant function inside length of life, because dirt or other foreign matter invade what run normally and keep what bring about scroll bearing to had produced big attrition to affect bearing normal to run temperature,prevent at the same time. In there is individual product to experiment in sealed function in selectiving examination, index of leakage fat, dustproof function asks under what the standard sets, the grease in joining sealed bearing is experimented after the experiment of dirt invade badly, had blackened. Such product and lead plane form a complete set are used, lead plane can malfunction.

The working surface of scroll bearing does not allow occurrence burn, it is the crucial project of bearing. This second in selectiving examination, the refrigeration when because grind treatment,having individual product has been measured with cutting not quite big, bring about working surface occurrence burn, form degenerative layer, the early failure that causes bearing easily even craze.