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Our country develops coal of successful low calorific value to enrage compressor
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The reporter learned from Shenyang air-blower group on October 6, the low calorific value of our country own research and development is gas compressor already carried out test and verify through production, result of test and verify shows this kind burns gas, vapour generates electricity circularly jointly (CCPP) gas compressor runs stability, each technology parameter all is achieved or design a requirement more than, discharge empty value every year for our country 6.6 billion yuan cooking is gas found good outlet. This means the company that Shen Gucheng can produce coal of low calorific value the 4th times to enrage compressor for the whole world, with one action broke foreign monopoly.
As we have learned, the gas compressor in this device is to will burn (diffuse) the Jiao Lu of low calorific value is gas as gas as blast furnace mix by certain proportion, compress the pressure that obtains a provision and temperature, burn in gas turbine again, drive dynamo generates electricity; Tail gas of high temperature of gas turbine flaming achieves 450 ℃ ~ 550 ℃ , more than heat boiler produces repass vapour, drive vapour round generation set. According to aid steel estimation, year of design electricenergy production that uses this compressor project of 31.1 kilowatt hour, year reduce gas diffuse to measure 2.9 billion stere, year reduce carbon dioxide to discharge 2.5 million tons, direct economic benefits is in 700 million yuan of above.
CCPP gas compressor is involved aerodynamics, thermodynamic, transmit heat, data mechanical, rotor is kinetic wait for a variety of course and domain, technical development difficulty is very great, there is the company such as GE, 3 water chestnuts, Xi Menzi to be able to be made only on international.
Shengu took out 6 designs plan early or late, its are gas compressor adopts closed impeller, used technology of the water that increase in season, solved the place easy cohere such as impeller and bring about aircrew to cannot be stabilized for a long time move wait for a problem, undertook to the inlet plenum of carapace of large scale computer the computer circulates an analysis, improved vent one's anger volute casing structure, optimized sealed dimension to wait. Through 7 years much own research and development, crucial technology tackles key problem and persistent technology is improved, shen Gu develops a CCPP coal to enrage compressor eventually. Current, gas compressor basically uses this kind of low calorific value at burning gas, vapour generates electricity circularly jointly device.
According to statistic, 2006, our country only coke crop amounts to 330 million tons, 60% what hold world coke output about, burn (diffuse) Jiao Lu is gas about 17.5 billion stere, be equivalent to enrage on the west east 1.45 times what lose amount of natural gas volume. By dynamical coal price is calculated at that time, the loss that our country causes every year accordingly is as high as 6.6 billion yuan, discharge many sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide, dust to the middle of atmosphere. The research and development of CCPP gas compressor is successful, in obtain enormous economic benefits while, right energy-saving the port with decrease a platoon to also be had very principal.
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